Does Your Blake Set Low?

A compilation of the many writings of Cortland M. Setlow

22 June
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, United States
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anime, binary clocks, blowing things up, cheese steaks, collecting monitors, computer science, computers, cornell library, driving to baltimore, duct tape, engineering, halo, hicks, latex, linux, looting dupont, math, math camp, math camp t-shirts, mathcamp, model rocketry, mother puckers, moving into george, physics, pyromania, road trips, sleeping in sproul, sun lab, swarthmore college, swil, taking things apart, the late dupont, tinted glasses, tying people up, unix, wire wrapping
I am interested in building interesting and useful things. If you want someone to help modify the soda machine to take smart cards, email me. When you try to build a microwave antenna, email me. I seek a roommate to join a group of five in a lodge near Bond. If you think our living spaces need more cool technology then you should live there. I can tell you more about the other residents. As time progresses, space may fill.

My plans:
1. Finish my table.
2. Build a teakwood starship.
3. Renovate George.
4. Leave my room.

"Your writing is pathetic for a Swarthmore student. Your writing is pitiful. Your writing fills me with more disgust than pictures of Megatokyo yaoi. It lacks even the redemption of fire."

"I have to go to Hicks..."